I’ll bear with you even though I can’t bear with anybody

I’m hard to deal with.

I have this disease, I’m messy, I embarrass you, and then there’s the cold feet about all the big steps I’m going to take in my life that scares me tremendously, and all the trips, and the cold Swedish weather, and how very jealous I am (once again: sorry).

I’m just asking you to bear with me.

Bear with me – because I will be the most loyal friend you’ll ever have.

I’ll be the most caring lover you will ever meet.

I’ll be the most fun roommate you will ever have.

I’ll do everything you need me to do for you to be happy.

I’ll run a thousand miles just to see your face – and back, if you suddenly needed some space.

I’ll clean our room even though my favorite hobby is not lifting a single finger.

I’ll have long discussion with your folks even though I just want to eat ice cream and sing to Bryan Adams songs.

I’ll leave you alone when you’re playing video games even though it is so stinking funny to throw popcorn at you while you do.

I’ll stop staring at you when you sleep even though you’re face is like a magnet and my face is like the fridge.

I’ll stop kissing every inch of your face while squeezing your cheeks together and laughing uncontrollably when we’re in public.

I’ll stop eating chips in bed because you hate crumbs (even though I love to roll around in them… come on, it’s fun).

I’ll bear with you even though I can’t bear with anybody.

Because you ain’t just anybody, You’re everything.

And, let’s face it Anton, you’ve beared with me for an entire year already.

It wouldn’t kill you to bear with me a bit longer.

Love, A

Lånad från LeLove

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